Not since pagan Rome has there been an era so utterly bathed in giddy hedonism as the glittering 1970’s. Unapologetic pansexuality, along with party drugs like cocaine and Quaalude, fueled an atmosphere of bacchanalian excess in which the relentless pursuit of pleasure would become society’s prevailing raison d'être. Discos, like Studio 54 in Manhattan, provided the strobe-lit backdrop against which the zeitgeist would play out.

In this series, Quaalude’s RORER 714 logo and Studio's infamous man-in-the-moon-with-a-coke-spoon become core icons around which the louche 70’s narrative unfolds. Immortal creatures like vampires and diablos symbolize the decadence while foreshadowing the specter of plague and addiction that was to kill the party forever.

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